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Get to know marine mammals

Animals can be classified into two types, namely vertebrates and invertebrates. Vertebrates are animals that have a spine, while invertebrates do not have a spine. There are several groups including vertebrate animals, these groups of animals are reptiles, amphibians, birds (birds), fish, and mammals. Mammals are animals that contain lungs. Based on their habitat, mammals can be distinguished into land mammals and marine mammals. marine mammals are known to be the most common mammals found in the sea.

Marine mammals which are included in the order of cetaceans are generally referred to as cetaceans. Whales, dolphins, and dolphins are animals that belong to this order. Other languages ​​translated from Latin are cetus which means large animals, whereas in Greek they come from the word ketos which means animals from the sea. Based on body size, cetaceans can be divided into 3 groups, namely cetaceans that have a body size of more than 9 meters, cetaceans that have a body size of 4–9 me…